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H1N1 and other Vaccines: the Crock Overfloweth along with Gary Null’s Emotions

Wow, I tell ya. This Swine Flu thing is really getting on my nerves. Ignorance and greed know no bounds when it comes to blind faith in the medical machinery of the Western world. Gary Null, however, will set you straight if you weren’t before. If anyone can find valid peer-reviewed information that refutes his findings, please send it to me. I will give a large candy bar or a small container of superfood powder (of my choice since a friend of mine makes his own excellent mix) to anyone who can. In the meantime, take in and analyze what Gary has presented in the NYS Assembly Hearing on Vaccination on October 13, 2009:

H1N1 Swine flu Cover-up Controversy: a Crock of…

Busy bee that I am, I have been wanting to write my thoughts about why the H1N1 flu vaccine it is not only totally unnecessary but dangerous. There are just so many things that make no sense whatsoever with the information given out on this strain of the flu. I have notice great inconsistencies with the numbers published by the CDC and those published by the RKI in Germany. They are so much higher in the States. Why should they be higher in the States than in Germany? They should actually be higher in Germany I would think because more people smoke here and the country gets less Vitamin D from the sun. And then on Oct 21, 2009, CBS New published an article on the difficulty they had in getting straight answers out of the CDC on the actual numbers of those who had come down with H1N1. One of the results of their research was that most of the people who went to the hospital thinking they might have H1N1 actually not only didn’t have the Swine flu, they didn’t have the flu at all! Now why would the CDC not want to release this information? And also, why did they stop officially testing for H1N1 in _July_??? I smell a crock of …

A Plan for Preventing and Dealing with Pandemic H1N1 Flu

Sorry I haven’t posted lately – the past few weeks have been very very busy. But now I have a bit of a break from naturopath school and some other things and can finally post something useful.

Today’s post was actually a post on another forum written by a friend of mine who is a been studying alternative natural healing on her own for more than 20 years and whose husband is a naturopathic doctor. They have put much thought into how they would protect their family if a true virulent H1N1-type pandemic took place. She not only describes her preparations but also gives the recipes for the essential oil blends. She has given me permission to post her plans here. If you are interested, you can contact her at LLMIDWIFE (at) yahoo (dot) com about the availability of her kit containing the homeopathics, oils, and herbal formula that she has describes in the following.

Pathology: H1N1 and garlic

For most naturopathic doctors, herbs, vegetables and fruit should be the foundation of health – the source of most of the building blocks the body needs to stay or become healthy. H1N1 (swine flu) has become quite worrisome to many people. Mainstream media talks only of Tamiflu and the like or of hastily developed and untested vaccinations for everyone – needing up to 4 shots. For those of us who don’t think that injecting foreign proteins straight into our veins is a good idea, there are options for increasing our resistance to H1N1 and any flu if you look for them. One of those options that is easy, inexpensive and everywhere is garlic.

Pathology: Obesity and H1N1

Today I was going to write about something else but I just got a link to a Bloomberg article, “Obese Exposed as Swine Flu Collides With Fat Epidemic” which very much caught my attention. I shall take a lot of info in the article, reformulate and add a few other things I’ve learned in other places or simply just figured out in my studies.

Supplements: Resveratrol – many possible benefits

Resveratrol is a powerful antidioxant found in red grape skins, blueberries, bilberries, cranberries, Japanese knotweed (polygonum cuspidatum) and Chinese skullcap (scutellaria baicalensis) and raw peanuts that have been boiled, and other plants.

Although, there have been no absolutely conclusive tests that resveratrol is a silver bullet anything, it has become quite popular and there are indications that it could be helpful for the following areas: