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Whether you are familiar with the Emotion Code or not, I highly recommend this seminar!

Last weekend I and a girlfriend from church who is an MD went to Dublin, Ireland for Dr. Brad’s Emotion Code seminar. We each paid $297 (around €200) the participation fee. The fee was well worth it and the whole experience far exceeded my expectations.

The only thing about the seminar that I would have changed is that he use fewer examples from the book and more new ones (he didn’t use all of those from the book, he used many not in the book but I’ve read the book and want to hear different ones :)), but that is it.

He was there with his wife and 2 oldest daughters who were all acting as his assistants. It was very nice to meet them. The older daughter is a very talented musician and would sometimes sing during breaks or when it was taken longer to get the technical stuff set up. She even composed a new song on Saturday while we were working.

Friday evening started with learning how and practicing muscle testing. Some of our group of around 30 already knew how and were confident in using it, some were still unconfident like myself and to others (who apparently came to this seminar on blind faith and a hunch) learned it for the first time. He demonstrated several methods, one of which I have taken to much better than the other I used before (pressing 2 fingers together) and that is holding one arm at a right angle next to me and using 2 fingers from my other arm to test my bicep muscle. I still have to work on my tension because I have released my goodness more than 50 emotions since Friday from myself and others and my forearms are a bit sore but I feel pretty confident of my answers unless I get very tired and can’t concentrate my intention very well.

He used a very nice Powerpoint presentation but he didn’t stick to it linearly. During practice, sometimes different kinds of emotions or issues would come up right then and he would skip to the appropriate information and explanations. And he was always tweaking it and the charts as well. When a new idea came to him he would call back to his note-taking daughter to write it down quickly so it wouldn’t get forgotten but also wouldn’t disturb the presentation too much.

We also received a bound booklet of all the slides in the presentation along with the emotions chart and the most current version of the flowcharts.

There were so many other yummy and helpful tidbits that I of course cannot share it all – that would be a book’s worth. Plus he uses a lot of humor to emphasize his points. So I really highly recommend taking the course wherever you can. This link will take you to Dr. Brad’s website where you can see where seminars are currently available at The Emotion Code Seminars website.
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One piece of information he gave us that I find particularly helpful is that a ‘normal’ person most likely has around 300 trapped emotions – quite a few and of course it could be more. But knowing that any given adult patient (or yourself for that matter!) will have around that many helps make it easier to set goals and to know whether you have made a significant dent in the number. I didn’t think of this to ask but I kinda wonder whether the emotions that remain are the most embedded and hardest to root out – I’ll have to send him that question…

In general, he went through all of the main points in the book in great detail but also talked about a few things not in the book.

One type of emotion that didn’t make it into the book is called Psychic Trauma, an emotional disturbance that he started noticing a lot after 9/11. It is actually a ball of stuck emotion that consists of 2-3 emotions rather than just one. You have to identify that it is a psychic trauma and then both emotions before you can release them. To help all veterans that suffer from post traumatic stress disorder which includes psychic trauma, he is offering to give them each a free copy of the electronic version of the Emotion Code book anywhere in the world. This is available at the Save a Soldier page.

Another topic that he presented which was very important to me was about shielding ourselves from negative emotions or frequencies. He showed us and the we got in pairs and first we were to test each other if we already had one. And I and my partner were quite surprised to find I already had a shield up. At first, I had no idea why I would already have a shield but then I remember that about a month ago after receiving the suggestion from a friend, I had prayed to Heavenly Father and asked to put a bubble of protection around myself and each of my children and my husband and our apartment. I did this while imagining these bubbles of protection forming around us – apparently it worked :) and it was detectable by muscle testing. On the way flight home, I encapsulated the airplane in my mind and asked Heavenly Father to put a shield around it. Then I had my friend test to see if there was one and with wide eyes she said yes! there was :D

He also presented his brand new program that he has been working on extensively for the past year call the Body Code. I had heard of this previously and thought it was just a book, but it is a full-fledged computer program which is designed to help you use muscle testing to get to the root of a problem very quickly – whether that root cause is emotional or physical and and where specifically any emotions are stuck in the body in addition to suggestions for treatment that may include emotional release or herbal treatments or detoxification measures or removal of parasites, fungus or other pathogens, etc. Not only does the package include the computer program but also a folder with all of the screens printed in case you don’t have access to a computer (or the power goes out, etc). There is also a 400+ page book included. The normal price for this program is a hefty sum – but which I feel is justified because even though all of the information he presented is actually available in many other sources, it is _not_ available all together in this one place – he has taken years to not only collect this information but to sort through it and put it into a coherent system that I find incredibly efficient – thus saving me all that time searching for the same info. Plus I know from experience that the programming and book layout necessary to produce this package cost him well beyond $100,000. So it was a huge financial investment for him. I currently do not have that amount of money available but he offered the package to use for a very reduced price and in installments if we wanted, so I prayed about it and ordered it. I can’t wait till it comes :) so I can review it :D and of course use it in my future practice once I have jumped through all the hoops I need to jump through to become an official naturopathic doctor. This program would be a perfect addition to any naturopathic doctor’s office.

Previously I was very pleased with my results using EFT but the Emotion Code has left EFT in the dust. I still think that EFT has its applications but if you ask the right questions while muscle testing, you will get better results with the Emotion Code in general and much quicker. I am now in the process of becoming certified as an Emotion Code practitioner – this involves reading the book, attending a seminar and then having sessions with 30 different people or animals (at least 3 of those), either in person or by surrogate or proxy and at least 4 Heart Walls (read the book to find out what that is :)) and then take a $97 test of the contents of the book and seminar.

Here’s a link to the book on
Here’s a link to the book on

2 comments to The Emotion Code Seminar: an Overview

  • Timaree Torres

    I’ve been hearing alot about this, I am planning to buy the book. Very interesting…. Have you used this and what kind of results did you get?

  • admin

    Hi Timaree!

    Since the seminar, I’ve been very busy practicing this method and working on getting certified for it. I’ve treated at least 15 people, most of which remotely (i.e., they are in a different city or country, and I’ve gotten permission from them to use muscle testing on myself in proxy for them and to release their emotions through me.

    Most of the time, there hasn’t been a whole lot to notice that one could 100% say was a result of releasing trapped emotions doing this – probably because they were just random emotions, plus many of the reactions you could explain away with just being sick. However, in a couple cases it has been very clear to me. One was my visiting teacher – she’s over 80 and suffering from what I think is the beginning of Alzheimer’s. Her companion is not much better (they are a scary couple together if you are in the car with them :-O). Anyway they came over to teach me right after I got home from the seminar so of course I was excited about having been in Dublin, esp since I got to see Elder Bednar. I also told them a bit about the method but didn’t suggest trying it out on them right then. Well when they went to teach me, the older sister couldn’t even recognize the page in the Liahona even though she was staring at it – she was totally befuddled and her companion was too. So I said, hey let’s try this on you. Let’s see if there are any emotions that are keeping you from remembering things. She said yes please (her daughter is actually also a naturopathic daughter so she is used to being experimented on ;)). We said a prayer for assistance in getting reliable answers and commenced. Muscle testing said yes, there were emotions making it difficult for her to remember. I was able to release 3 before her body said that that was enough. She said she felt warmth in the shoulders, more than could be explained by using the magnet on her back. But the affect on her clarity of thought was astounding. From that point on, she was no longer befuddled or confused and was noticeably happier and alert. It has been 2 and half weeks and she is still thinking clearly (I have also released a few more since then) as of today. She actually called me today to see if I could help with an annoying headache. I released emotions for that – tomorrow I’ll find out if it helped any.

    In another case, I’ve been working with two severely depressed ladies. I actually got some help from someone with more experience (who uses an even more advanced version of this method) and between the two of us, we managed to get both of them back to manageable levels rather quickly.

    I have used it on both of my sons; with one, he had been scared of ghosts in his room at night and would fight going to bed and in the night would always end up in our bed (which is _not_ large enough for all 3 of us). I actually determined through muscle testing that there were unwanted spirits there (confirmed by 2 others) and I sent them away and into the light. They are now gone and I have released the emotions that resulted from the experience (not all of them from my son himself – some also from me) and now he no longer talks about the ghosts and sleeps in his own bed all night (relief!).

    With my other son, he is really picky about food (and what he will eat changes) so I checked to see if there were some emotions there interfering and there was. I released them just a few days ago and my gosh! he is at least trying things that he would never have even tried before and is even taking the green super food (from Ligure) capsules (my attempt to get something green down him) and eating broccoli! So there is definitely improvement there. I want to stress that I am not trying to change his behavior specifically but rather to remove interference that may be making it harder for him to make better choices.

    When I think about it, that is the whole point. By removing unwanted, unnecessary destructive emotions that are pulling me down, it makes it easier for me to be the real me – easier to make choices that are more in line with my personality and ultimate goals – in that way it, it is like repentance.